Disease management

We manage care for expatriates, impatriates such as international students, staff of diplomatic and international organizations, living in Europe. We welcome patients, from all over the world, who wish to have treatment in Europe.
Our service consists in providing advices and organizing medical pathways mainly in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium for patients with critical and non-critical illness for whom treatment is not provided locally.
After analysing physicians’ reports and patients’ medical records, we select the most appropriate healthcare providers, negotiate with hospitals, pay health costs and physically accompany the patient throughout his medical pathway. In addition, we take care of all logistical aspects such as local transport, medical visa issue, translation and hotel reservations.


Monitoring of patients with chronic illnesses

Our team of paramedics and physicians monitor patients with chronic illnesses to better control their diseases, avoid relapse, limit complications and improve daily life at home and at work. To do so, our team gives advice on medical, paramedical, social and ergonomic issues. Our team is therefore permanently in touch with patients through various means of communication. The patient is never left alone with his chronic illness and regularly kept abreast of the latest news regarding his illness and the way to live with it.


Cost Containment

We find the most appropriate healthcare institutions and medical teams throughout the world, but in the same time, we monitor, control, negotiate with health care providers the best prices. They are based on a worldwide data base of health costs, DENOS has developed the past ten years.


Second Medical Opinion

When your doctor recommends a treatment, a medication or procedure for your treatment, you almost certainly have questions and concerns.
Getting a medical second opinion can give the patient a certainty and could possibly offer alternatives. If requested, DENOS Medical Assistance may guide you to the best place for treating your disease.


Concierge Medicine

Just like a concierge at a top level hotel or residence, DENOS Medical Assistance Concierge will facilitate and coordinate expatriates’ medical experience while visiting France. The services include:

  • Assistance with coordinating multiple appointments;
  • Scheduling airline reservations in cooperation with our partner travel company;
  • Assistance with hotel and housing reservations;
  • Arranging taxi or limousine service between the airport and the hospital;
  • Assisting accompanying family members with accommodation and transportation;

Medical Expertise

Concerning Medical Expertise and Consulting, we deliver the following services to Insurance Companies and insurance brokers:

  • Medical underwriting
  • Review of medical records
  • Calculation of annuity or capital in life or disability insurance
  • Medical and pharmaceutical malpractice
  • Wrongful death.
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